Thursday, August 30, 2007

Scandal's Daughter--In Stores Now

My lovely Bandita friend, Caren Crane sent me this photo of her with Scandal's Daughter at the Borders store in Raleigh, North Carolina! September 4 is the official release date, but copies are already on the shelves in many places.

Thanks, Caren! It's so exciting to see my book in an actual bookstore!

Caren has entered the contest with her fantastic manuscript, Kick Start. Please go and vote!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fridge of Inspiration

I know, it's been woefully long since I've posted, but I've been WRITING! And I know it's better for all concerned if I write the DB (aka damned book) than write on this blog.

But I had to post because a writer friend sent me this wonderful picture of her Fridge of Inspiration. And my book cover is on it! Thanks so much, Tracey O--you made my day. Tracey is blitzing contests and has landed a fab agent, so it will be her cover on that fridge in no time.

You'll see that Anna Campbell and Denise Rossetti are also represented. What can I say? Tracey has good taste.*g*

At the Romance Writers of Australia conference, we were privileged enough to hear a plenary talk from Anne Stuart (who is the most wonderful writer and human being!) and she talked about having an altar on which she puts all sorts of inspirational bits and pieces. In my writing space, I have Tigger to remind me to be positive(thanks Denise!) my creativity crystal (a gift from Yas) and a plaque awarding Scandal's Daughter 'Best of the Best' in a contest, as well as a collage for the story I'm working on now.

What do you keep near you for inspiration?